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How many followers do you have on Twitter?

This is an add-on to my previous article “What’s your take on MLSP? (My Lead System Pro)“. Just to ‘show off’ how an “IT nerd” does … or doesn’t do things.
I’m not underestimating the power of social media! On the contrary, been using and endorsing whenever I could. But there are wrong and right ways to use it.
To start with answering my own question. At the moment I have about 60 followers on Twitter. So not 60,000 … just 60. Why? Well I can think of a few reasons:
  • I only have 1 twitter account for ALL the things I do, while I should split them into … at least 5 to 10 when done right.
  • I’m not refollowing people
I’m only following people that offer nice content, or people that are worth following. Which — at this moment — of writing is about 20. So when I have 60 people that follow me? I consider that a compliment.
I’m using Twitter in a way it’s meant to be used (and most people don’t). I have about 6 social media networks as you can see at my page or gravatar profile “”. I use Twitter as the  ‘glue’ between all social media. Meaning … I only have to update Twitter, and messages are synced to LinkedIN, my Facebook profile, my FaceBook page, etc. Or blog something & it’s shot out onto Twitter.
I spend most my time at either MSN (friends) or Skype (business contacts) closing business deals, connecting people, providing services, etc. And in this way doing quite good.
The only way I want to have 10,000 followers (random number), is when somebody else would be managing my twitter account for me … cause there are only 86,400 seconds in a day. Use them wisely!

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