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Top 5 Patchmanagement Cloud Software solutions for IT system managers to Patch and Deploy Apps

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m calling it top 5, however there might be more software solutions add over time. Patchmanagement software solutions Currently I have found 4 matching my needs. Avast Business Hub No list found yet.   Ninite Pro Applist: Excellent pricing model: < $1mo per computer PatchMyPC TeamViewer Software catalog TeamViewer RMM: … Comparison […]

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Adobe After Effects (AE) / Photoshop FREE Download sites

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’re coming here for pirated Adobe Creative Suite downloads? Sorry, can’t help with that. Moreover no need to really, thanks to Related posts: [NL] Er is inderdaad een zak met geld te verdienen in 2016 voor … iedereen met een Windows laptop ! F*CK !!! public_html/megla.txt – “hacked by megla akash from Team_CC” – […]

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The Best Teamviewer Alternatives of 2021 User Review

The Best 15 Teamviewer Alternatives of 2021 incl. Zoom User Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Already thoroughly researched this subject a couple of months ago, and I thought everything covered until I was just setting Bookly Pro plugin. Thoughts: “Bummer again just Zoom, wouldn’t it be cool if it featured a TeamViewer API connection process.” The Best Teamviewer Alternatives of 2021 User Review To cut a long story short. In […]

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F*CK !!! public_html/megla.txt – “hacked by megla akash from Team_CC” – TROUBLESHOOT

Reading Time: 11 minutes Funny timing for this to happen As I was ‘bragging’ just a couple of days ago, how my projects and servers are supposedly super secure in an article around bitcoin and cryptography, that I will link from ASAP (still has to be published). Well, turns out I make mistakes too. Upz. On the upside, I […]

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My Virtual Office Space: *FEAST* Mode 2018 Update with Enterprise Graded Gear

Reading Time: 15 minutes Been a while I wrote a “My Virtual Office Space”-update as extensive as I will now. note: updating regurarly. My Office Space introduction Although I featured the basic hardware specifications in this picture (from a different angle) on my FaceBook timeline already. Let’s dive a little deeper why I’m not unhappy with my curent hardware […]

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John McAfee LIVE & Unsensored! Talking about past, present and future of lifehacking and CryptoCurrency!

John McAfee LIVE & Uncensored! Talking about lifehacking and CryptoCurrency (including Top 3 Privacy Coins for 2018)

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is — without a shadow of doubt — the most honest, uncensored, badass interview … just listen!    Couple of Tweets that might interest you too … Bitcoin now at $16,600.00. Those of you in the old school who believe this is a bubble simply have not understood the new mathematics of the […]

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