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[NL] Ben je ook failliet door een Bitcoin Opportunity Scam ?

Titel rechtstreeks geinspireerd door een Radio 538 ‘bushokjes’ campagne.  Men lijkt namelijk alweer vergeten te zijn wat ik op pakjes vooravond (5 december) 2017 deelde in de Bitcoin Nederland FaceBook group. Ik citeer: Is investeren in Bitcoin NU wel of niet slim? Dat ligt eraan wat je definitie van ‘investeren’ is. Even vanuit het ‘nerd’ perspectief. Je […]

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Advertising? Pays! My MAP – User Review May 2014: Ponzi Scam or Crazy Legal?

There are two kinds of people people who get paid every 20 minutes and those who do not want to get paid every 20 minutes (WHY?!) Watch these user reviews / testimonials of real people (of all walks of my life) from London, UK; You chose what group you like to be part of … […]

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WAIT with signing up in = Scam? Collapsing?

As I was just talking to some fellow nerds. And had a conversation that went a little like this (WARNING: *MINDFART rant BadAss Rhyker style*): “So this Bitcoin-Economy thing?” “Isn’t that for n00bs?” “Can’t I google all that information together?” “Isn’t it a sorry excuse for a compensation plan?” Yeah maybe it is. Here’s a thought though. […]

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