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Best Free Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage Servers & Hosted Services

Reading Time: 4 minutes A professional administrator uses management tools to increase his system’s efficiency. It’s no different for webserver stacks on our servers. Been using Cyberpanel since the 1.x branch extensively, and I like the performance, what I like less is slow update schedule and ongoing bugs that not solved fast enough. In areas of for example backups […]

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[NL] Prepaid VISA Credit Card (= Debit Card) Kado kaart

Reading Time: 12 minutes     Op het moment van schrijven zijn de enige geaccepteerde betaal methoden om lid te kunnen worden van ‘t Empower Netwerk: VISA of Mastercard betaalkaarten. Veel Nederlanders zijn niet in het bezit van een zogenoemde CreditCard (afk: CC). Is dat dan direct het einde? Neen. Er zijn hele eenvoudige oplossingen om alsnog lid te worden […]

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F*CK !!! public_html/megla.txt – “hacked by megla akash from Team_CC” – TROUBLESHOOT

Reading Time: 11 minutes Funny timing for this to happen As I was ‘bragging’ just a couple of days ago, how my projects and servers are supposedly super secure in an article around bitcoin and cryptography, that I will link from ASAP (still has to be published). Well, turns out I make mistakes too. Upz. On the upside, I […]

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My Virtual Office Space: *FEAST* Mode 2018 Update with Enterprise Graded Gear

Reading Time: 15 minutes Been a while I wrote a “My Virtual Office Space”-update as extensive as I will now. note: updating regurarly. My Office Space introduction Although I featured the basic hardware specifications in this picture (from a different angle) on my FaceBook timeline already. Let’s dive a little deeper why I’m not unhappy with my curent hardware […]

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How to build a business with PDF files

Reading Time: 10 minutes I recently had a sneak peek into the ‘kitchen’ of a couple of mega successful leaders in our downline. People that have the kind of results many of us (including myself) dream about when it comes to simplicity, duplication, etc. And it got me an idea that I like to share with you. But let’s […]

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The Best (Top 25?) Video and Image Creation Tools All-in-1 place!

Reading Time: 10 minutes I just joined a supercool new video professional group on FaceBook: and I posted this as a response to my warm welcome message:  Just read the ‘mission statement’. Adding Value? Oh goody that’s my middle name! Or could be Heya all I’m a pro nerd. Have a lot of mad skill in all kinds of […]

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