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Self Reflection – How ‘good’ am I doing? – February 2012

A nerdy buddy of mine from London was having a critical look at my current lifestyle, and ‘accusing’  me (lacking a better word) of not walking the talk and ‘accusing’ me of pretending I have a millionaire lifestyle while I do not (never said I did). And yet …

Let’s go 3 years back in time. Why 3 years? Cause that’s when my journey really took off on a whole new level. The things I had back then: I had a great job as 3rd level Unix Engineer, sharing a fairly big house with 2 other people near Utrecht NL, a lease car, etc. I had all the ‘outer riches’ (as most people perceived them), but …

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  • A very disfunctional relationship with my parents and sister (didn’t recognise their opinion about me that I wasn’t doing well)
  • A fantastic girlfriend (so I thought at the time), but again disfunctional relationship
  • A very poor health situation. I knew I had to visit a hospital, but was procrastinating out of fear. So the physical discomfort only became bigger and bigger. It actually came to a point (end of 2010) where I was stuck at the bedside.
  • I didn’t feel satisfied, recognised, appreciated … and had a total lack of self confidence.
  • I was 50,000 Euro in debt and getting bigger due to high interest rates and lack of income.
  • I was caught up in the negative spiral of the determining the “reason for living?”. Never attempted suicide, but I was the same level of thoughts. Things just seemed so pointless.

If I’ve ever been faking anything? It was being happy back then.

Now let’s look at my present ‘situation’. I’m 32 years old … and:

  • I’ve got a fantastic relationship with my parents and sister, and YES I’m living with my mom!
  • After being to the hospital 3(!) times, including having surgery and a 4 months recovery period,  my physical health hasn’t only improved. It’s also better than ever before. <== priceless
  • After getting a mental check-up — I felt I needed due to several periods of severe depressions — we found out I’ve got ADHD. That’s my reason/explanation I’ve had trouble with staying focussed at 1 thing at the time for a long time, and suffering from ‘bi-polarish’ moods, depression and not feeling understood. I’ve got medicine now to control my moods much better.
  • I know a thing or two about internet marketing and as such helping fellow entrepreneurs.  My FaceBook being a perfect example how not to brand one self? (see pic below). My avatars with my face photoshopped into an iron man suit? True, that needs some work. However as almost all my clients come to me through word-of-mouth, and thus are familiar with my client portfolio and quality of work? I rather spend time with my clients, instead of patching up my own sites.
  • I do not need or have a job. I’m working as a freelance IT specialist.  Income wise we are talking about 2,000-3,000EUR a month. Why is it so ‘low’? Cause I’m not charging what I am ‘worth’. I rather undercharge and overdeliver, than underdeliver and overcharge.
  • I’m still in debt, but only 11,000EUR and more importantly seeing a way out of things. Not only because my income has increased, but also low intrest rates and monthly dues by talking to the bank. I always considered them to be an evil bunch, but it’s surprising how much you can get done when you open a dialogue.
  • After 8 years of struggle in Network Marketing, I’m not part of the 95% that ‘failed’. But of the 5% that’s still around and making this happen on a global scale. I’m not making $10,000s a month (yet), but it’s definitely $1,000+ and growing exponentially … while working it part-time.
  • I’m happy single, and have a handful of really great friends, next to a global network of experts in all kinds of fields. I’m proud to be working with 7-income mentors and personal coaches. And I’m confident I can earn a 5-6 figure income before the end of the year, by helping other people earn their fair share of what they think is possible for them to achieve or what they need.
  • I’m able to contribute in many ways, including support a few good causes (just the stuff you see advertised at TV), but it’s something! And on a ‘nerd’ level I’m very proud of my position as crew manager at
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So in short? I found my way out of debt, a life of mediocrity, into a life of wonderful things happening. If you would have told me 2-3 years ago, I could be where I am today? It’s not only about belief, I didn’t think I was worthy of it. Now I know what things ARE possible, I’ve plotted out my vision for 2012. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or making other people rich (being in a job), I recommend you opt-in at the right side of the screen. Is it an easy journey? No, and it’s different for everybody. But no matter where you are in life today … you can improve upon it by getting a solid foundation in place, by working together with a great team of people that want to see you grow and become more than you are today, to be able to do more through you tomorrow. I’m a testament of what’s possible when you are stuck in life … PEACE!

Update: Having said all that, and getting another question today about my FaceBook profile that boiled down to this: “Suppose I don’t know you, what kind of an impression will your FaceBook page give me?” Yikes! So changed a few things. I’m keeping the ironman suit at my avatar profiles though. It’s my ‘nerd pride’. LOL You can connect with me on social media.

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