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EN Q&A: Do you Have to Blog as a Member of Empower Network?

A question I more or less answered at an online money making forum yesterday, as a reply to:

Its hard for most coming from the cyclers to all of a sudden grasp this concept but Ive found having realistic goals rather than being delusional about what you can achieve makes it a very good choice short and long term.

Do you Have to Blog as a Member of Empower Network?

The biggest challenge with EN is individual focus. Ever since they released their API, you can now plug EN into and around everything (which is awesome; experimenting with a lot of it myself at the moment).

I can remember the days where I was part of those ‘private (and illegal) investmentclubs’ where we gathered sums of money together, magically turned that into 106-120% ROI, to then upgrade to higher stuff till the point it collapsed. And re-doing that every 3-6months, knowing that the people who joined last will lose their money. Myeah … first couldn’t care less, then it got to me it’s super unethical and not what business and any form of long term team relationships should be about.

EN is like the first day at University … so much coming at people. But you don’t need to attend all the classes, and to read all the books to pass an exam. But you can if you want to. Neither do you have to get A+ at everything, a C is good enough.

Blogging is a ton of fun, but you don’t have to, if you are more interested in learning how to build your own empire. You follow the courses that you like, apply the knowledge, reap the rewards and done. Not interested in learning and just earning a lot of commission?

What’s a cycler about? Earning money right? You can earn money in EN too; FAST. A lot of money? Well definitely more than in any cycler, and it’s long term residual. You cycle faster when you introduce a few people … that’s what people do in cyclers. They want a quick payout so they enroll a few others. EN ain’t any different. Except the ‘pipeline’ doesn’t take months to payout, but just 2 weeks for the first payment and then every week after.

Honestly? Like as in … really honest? MMG is a bad place for promoting legal stuff. I could start a rant around it but nahh. Instead going to use the knowledge of the past 6 years to your folks benefit. Gonna launch something awesome 

Darn! Does it show I like blogging? biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif I can never write something in just 1 paragraph. lolz

Whatever you do? If you’re not a member of Empower Network yet? You cannot afford not to earn those 100% commissions!

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