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English Auto Blogging / PowerToolSubmitter for Mac – Installation Instructions

Quicklink to this howto @ Google Docs:

What do you need, to get ENPTS (EN-PowerToolSubmitter) working on a Mac?

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Well … only 3 things, but Mac users are usually not ‘techies’. The challenge lays into the fact that ENPTS is Windows software. And a Mac is … a Mac. So it cannot run Windows software by default, you need an additional app for that. To basically emulate a PC on your Mac; OS virtualization. It’s not difficult to set up IF you know how.

Another solution is using Apple bootcamp:

Personally have no experience with bootcamp. Like to pursue it anyway? Good luck! You will need some anyway.

The steps in this guide are *not* for novice users!

Still have an old PC laying around? Then you might favor that solution. But once you go Mac?

You never go back! And if you follow the steps below? You will have the best of both worlds!

Step 1) Virtualization Software (Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox)

Which virtualization software should you chose? Depends …

We favour Parallels Desktop, but it costs $80:

VirtualBox is Open Source (= FREE): 118MB download

That’s what we will be focussing on in this article (= FREE is always good )

P.S. for smartypants out there? Using WINE library won’t work (cause I tried).

Step 2) Windows Installation @ VirtualBox

If you want this done right? You should have a legal license (sticker usually found on the bottom of a Windows laptop or side/back of Desktop), and a Windows installation disk. Don’t have one? Then buying could be smart.

Windows 7 installation guide:

Also … before you install anything? Make sure you have 12GB of free space. And depending on the specifications of your Mac, the installation can take a while. During trials of creating this doc we ran into problems with the ISO install images we were using (but were working great on Parallels).

Better Alternative: Windows XP pre installed Virtual Disk Image guide. So instead I recommend you download an entire pre-installed VDI of 555MB:

That does require an additional step, by installing a P2P torrent client. We recommend:

note: I don’t have to tell you about the legal consequences? Officially you need a Windows XP Pro license and alter the key after installation. Unofficially? … Anyway! Torrent download finished? Unpack the file with .7z extension (so you get the .vdi) image. You might need:

to “unzip” the 7zip file (which is a special archive with high compression). You can extract in downloads, but highly recommend you extract (or move afterwards) to documents.

Then create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox with 512MB RAM (not 192MB), and instead of creating a new virtual hard disk, import the vdi from the location you extracted it. When done right and finished? Start the virtual machine, Windows will start, check if you have internet connection. And then you almost finished step 2! To be on the safe side? Install / update “Guest Additions” from Device menu and then accessing “My computer” and double click the virtual CD/DVD player in Windows, saying “VirtualBox Guest Additions”, install, reboot. Let’s go to step 3!

Step 3) Windows Post-Install

Everything in step #3 has to be done from within the installed Windows! Visit this site (from within IE):

Download and run the file to have 7in1 apps installed in a breeze (unattended).

P.S. if you have this doc open on your Mac? And like to copy/paste the links in your Virtual Machine? Then first click on the Windows window, and then top left go to “Devices” -> “Shared Clipboard” -> and select “Bidirectional”. So you can copy/paste content between Mac and Window clipboards. Or  just open this doc on your Mac.  Quicklink:

Q: “Why FireFox?”
A: to download the ENPTS tool from the website (older IE =  Internet Explorer versions in WinXP have problems with modern websites and their login in procedure). And because Firefox runs faster than Chrome.

Q: “Why do I need a Virusscanner?!”
A: cause although you have a Mac? Virtualizing Windows, means you can infect your Mac thru Windows. Yes … interesting how that works. So it’s important to have a virus scanner! Avast — another great free virusscanner — has compatibility issues with ENPTS; filters background traffic too aggressively. AVG doesn’t have that problem.

Let’s continue the post-installation steps!

.NET version 4 download link (web installation):

Don’t try to be smart to install 4.5; won’t work on XP. Finished? Then also install .NET 3.5SP1  (otherwise ENPTS will give an error). Which BTW is interesting as v4 is supposed to be backwards compatible; guess not then. So download and install the standalone 231MB file (faster than web-install) from:

Flash Download link:

Downloaded and install everything? Then Post-installation IS DONE too!

Now you can download the EN-PowerToolSubmitter (scroll to bottom of the site from within WINDOWS and click on red “Member Login”) … and follow the installation instructions on the site. Total setup time? Depending on your download speed and age of your Mac? 60-90 minutes  At the bright side? Only has to be done once.

kind regards,

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