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At the 28th of September 2016 I released this document. Today I can share with you, that with everything I’ve done over the past 342 hours — coding, negotations, brainstorming with CEOs of multiple companies, heck I’ve even been working on stuff during my sleep, so make that 456 hours — there is going to be a change of plans based on all the new regained insights. Let’s first start at the beginning before giving you the updates …


I’ve been quietly working on a lot of everything … nobody has seen yet. Based on a project that once was called Options4All that I started in 2013 on ‘tell-a-few’ vision I got in 2008. The first prototype of my in-house developed team duplication and replication on lightspeed — based on two decades of acquired experience in creating affiliate-a-like systems and as a “Badass Product Ambassador” — was going to be

A couple of people who had had a sneakpeek into the Beta or an explanation what it’s about, don’t understand the solutions it brings or call me a crazy dreamer. Which makes sense, as a lot of you haven’t been making money online yet for as long as I have (as far back as 1996). And the leaders that build teamsites for their downline (with membership site solutions like “Genius Trainer Pro” which costs $27 one-time) are on the right track, but they don’t know yet what kind of struggles and pitfalls they will have either; to grow their followers into leaders to make 5-6 figure incomes. As most membership sites are 1-dimensional. Thus the value you bring to your members to ‘help’ them? And it does. Won’t duplicate, as they can’t do what you do. Hence the owner/admin gets rich. And their members stay broke.

Thank goodness I’m lightyears ahead of the masses when it comes to tech skills (and ability to teach others). But … to build a system that will change 100,000s of lives with proper duplication by leading with value instead of ‘opportunity’? Requires to build a skyscraper foundation that costs close to a million in tech duplo blocks and manhours. Thus already shelved that project mid 2015. To release a Lite version called CCMv2 to start with changing 10,000s of lives. When that launched in December 2015 a couple of things went wrong, of which you can read the flashback here:

Even though the migration from the shared hosting dev account, to the BladeVPS has been finished. The CCMv2016 platform isn’t. There was still some video training missing, and during recording those I ran into some other things that prevents a launch of CCMv2016.

For that I need another 20BTC short-term to be able to prelaunch it properly. Those funds next to 225BTC in ownership equity (my own money) and 600BTC spend in total development time of my one-man outsourcing army. Should suffice as a trackrecord to get another BTCjam loan (as I borrowed and repaid 50BTC with 120% in the past two years). But the loan got rejected with only 1 keyword. “inconsistent information”. *sigh* Nothing new really. I know how it sounds. I know I’m crazy. But as time is a commodity I don’t have (due to a close family member being diagnosed with incureable cancer in June this year) — and every dime of my money having gone into all my projects — I cannot spend the quality time with him that I like, so need to scale up faster … somehow.

Also tried to close bartering partnerships early this year with a 7-figure earner, but that didn’t work out very well to reasons explained in the 2nd paragraph and prior paragraph. Most baby boomers are stuck in the 20th century CRM thinking; unless they get a % of the profit. Without putting in any work? Ehh no thank you, then I rather work a little longer on my “bread & water”-diet. So mid 2016 re-started on the CCM project to start smaller and project to change 10,000s of lives. Project still too big to finish this year. As it a has a huge viral component in it, that will explode any server platform every single week. Which is what a large part of that 20BTC loan was going to be used for. So … put that on hold till mid 2017.

And the few people who do know about it, and have prospected me with all kinds of XYZ things to get the money together that way by building a home based business team? Well I appreciate it, but I’m not going to be on the leaderboards (again) of a new company. Just to see my members struggle. I’m done with making money over the backs of others. And to fix that? That’s why I need to launch the systems Chicken vs. egg type of scenario’s and my sense of integrity always comes first; cause I’m an Engineer not a marketer.

So later today will prelaunch … to change 100s of lives first and it can scale fast to 1,000s. To then scale up a lot faster to CCM. And help other leaders to build a site like ‘BPFT’ as it’s codenamed on portfolio. Seen that site already? BPFT was literally added yesterday next to MMTF. And because CCM is on hold, I now also have some time available to release the NL site, which is something very different from BPFT and has more in common with CCMv2016 but a much more modest porfolio of opportunities. As I provide all the English to Dutch translations for both Presentations and video tutorial training.

So with what I’m releasing later today you will not have to deal with all the pitfalls and struggles some of us as topleaders had to go through. And get a sneakpeak into the future of location independent online business building. It’s a free platform, and it’s not designed to create miljonairs, but to have everybody earn upto $8192 residual income per month without recruiting. For an one-time $49. CC, Bitcoin, Payza, STP, OKpay, Skrill supported. It’s not a pyramid / ponzi / hyip / investment / cashgifting scheme, and we’re not a company. What we provide is a team independent, duplication shell around existing companies (MLM + JVzoo) with tools that mold well together. And the rest you will just have to see/experience.

Haven’t yet? Then please like & follow: our fanpage here. Where we will feature bi-weekly video training tips of industry’s top leaders and generic Internet Marketing tips.
best regards,
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New TeamBuilder Launch: Detailed Updates

And a lot of things have been happening there after in ascending order:

September 2016 Updates

  • 2016-09-28: breakthrough in new server negotations:
  • 2016-09-30: Based the setbacks of the past few weeks, and being ‘forced’ to make all kinds of changes to the business & marketing plan. I found new ‘loophole solutions’ to past problems. And maybe just maybe I might be able to launch EVERYTHING incl. CCMv2016 in the 1st week of next month and even … secret stuff Need a clue how serious I am about this update? Will upgrade the current triple core server within the hour to 8-core server. For a fraction of the cost others would pay. Moreover spoke to an account manager at BTCjam about the vision I have and showed them some sites (as I cannot include sites in loan descriptions due to their policy) and even they are enthousiastic. So things are on track again!

October 2016 Updates

  • 2016-10-02: after brainstorming with a teamleader will prelaunch two instead of 1 teambuilding website this month:
  • 2016-10-13: made the decision to kill my EKPC ‘Dutch IT support company’ to have more time available to launch the Dutch teambuilding equivalent too. Which makes 3 sites now. Setup prelaunch countdown at
  • 2016-10-15: massive coding breakthrough with regards to launching new pages & tools for BestStiforPTeam.
  • 2016-10-16: My “Hello World Formula”-Project / Premium Blogging Solution being pushed forward due to this:
  • 2016-10-17: no longer will be a standalone teambuilder site, but truly will be about carrying our ‘Best Stiforp Team’ from it’s current v2.0 designation to version 3. For more information see current teamsite (the green menu option).

November 2016 Updates

Many MANY updates have been happening. Too much to cover. 

Is it starting to make more sense now how EPICALLY massive things are? 

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