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Domain Cost Club: Buying Domains at Wholesale Exposed (2015 Review)

Alright brace yourself. I don’t often write reviews as lengthy as this one … unless.

So let’s get down to the chase …

As I’m sure you have bought a brand new domain at least once in your life. For how much? Can you still remember? Or do you remember that time when you found out you were not bound to your hosting company who charged you a high-end 2 figure number for a domain? What if … you could purchase them for a lot less?

So I’m talking discounts of 50-80% per domain. Would that be interesting?
And not just the first year, or for just 1 domain. But always the lowest pricing!
Doesn’t matter if you only purchase a couple or a lot of domains. Everybody pays wholesale!

Domain Cost Club Introduction

Let’s assume for a minute you actually watched the 5 minute movie at (DCC):

Ready to start saving money?

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Hold on a minute! Without
reading my review?!


What Makes Domain Cost Club so great?

Well … 1st impression matters and I was blown away with their modern clean website design, honest and accurate(!) information, transparency, etc. But … if something sounds to good to be true … it usually is, isn’t it?

So I’ve setup this DCC review to get answers to my own questions, to get down the nuts & bolts of the value proposition / savings, to be able to make a buying decision for myself. And it started with just a couple of bullet points … but the more I found about DCC? Oh my gosh!

What makes me the expert to be so judgmental about DCC?

Whenever you hear or read something, it’s important to know, whom you heard it from and what their background is. I’m not a newbie, neither an internet marketer who ‘suddenly’ found the Internet 2-4 years ago. I’ve been online for two decades; yes … 20 years as a professional IT guy. And I buy / have bought domains for all kinds of projects of my own, for clients, for selling, for future usage / reservation, for webshops, for internet marketing frameforwarding, etc. So I’m digging a bit deeper than the superficial opinions of usual bloggers who try to sell you something or trick you.

Q&A about DCC Company

Q: “Is this a pyramid?”
A: All companies are.

Q: “Is this illegal / scam?”
A: It’s not very often you come across a new launch from a solid established company. Domain Cost Club is a brand new opportunity from the founders of GDI, a rock solid International business that has been going strong since 1999. In fact, this is the first time since 1999 that GDI has introduced anything to the world besides its primary affiliate program. If you’re looking for a new launch that has potential to go the distance, this is as good as it gets in my opinion.

Q: “So it’s about purchase of domains. Is DCC ICANN accredited?”
A: Indirectly? Yes, DCC Domain registration is powered by ICANN Accredited registrar Global Domains International, Inc. As you can read more about on the bottom of the DCC site as well. GDI has been in the domain industry since 1999 as a ccTLD registry operator, and became an ICANN accredited registrar in 2009. Registrars are the wholesalers in the domain business. All registrars buy domains at exactly the same price from registries, and then sell them to end-users. They’ve ‘revolutionized’ (more on that later) the model by introducing at-cost pricing to everyone.

Q: “Is that the same GDI that once hyped the .WS domainname?”
A: Yup, and that was totally useless from a SEO perspective (for example) and only suitable for newbies. DCC isn’t, as you can register all popular domains for a fraction of the cost .. and it’s suitable for everybody; novice and professional users.

Q: “Do I need to be a GDI member?”
A: No, thank goodness not. It’s totally separate membership.

Q: “When did DCC launch?”
A: september 2014

Q&A about Affiliate business model

Get The facts within 5 minutes; click here

Q: “It seems like they make an MLM business out of everything these days?”
A: Correct, cause it’s an intelligent business model and probably one of the best ways of low cost and effective marketing solutions. Example of a different form and popular referral marketing in an online space setting, is affiliate marketing. GoDaddy has an 1 level affiliate program for example. However the largest volume of customers, comes from aggressive advertising. That stuff costs money. Who do you think pays for all that advertising? Customers.

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Q: “So I have to recruit an army as this is a MLM?”
A: No. You can just be a club member to benefit to buy domains at wholesale. Prefer to keep buying at retail? No problem. But it’s human nature to tell others when you saved money. Give them your reflink and next to saving money, you then also earn extra income. And because it’s a matrix compensation plan? Ah well just watch the video. DCC explains it’s excellent and so simple. First time in like forever you don’t have to do any explaining. It’s all at the DCC site.

Q&A about Features and competition

This is what I put quotes around when it DCC puts itself in the market as ‘revolutionary’.

Q: “Doesn’t GoDaddy has a domain club of their own?”
A: Exactly! So there’s a market for such a thing!  And why not? In Holland we can buy in bulk at the Makro / Sligro for food and household prerequisites. In the USA I think you folks have Costco? People simply love to buy in wholesale. And to join GoDaddy’s domain club (for comparison referrence) costs $7.5mo = $90/year and a 10 year membership is $6/month ($600). So for lifetime membership DCC is definitely cheaper and for year membership it’s slightly more expensive. But guess what … who gets rewarded for bringing in new customers in GoDaddy’s case? Hint: not you, but in DCC you do (next to getting all kinds of membership benefits). However what the membership is all about is not recruiting new members, but instead new members of the club to purchase domains at wholesale.

Q: “How does Godaddy’s domain club compare to DCC?”
A: compare for yourself; here are the links:

Idomain-cost-club-reviewn general? Godaddy offers 40% discount on their regular pricing. But DCC goes way below that already (55%-60% savings), and also below GoDaddy’s “Discount Domain Club” pricing (with DCC being 15-20% lower). DCC is a clear winner.

Q: “Yeah, GoDaddy. LOL … I purchase my domains at XYZ”
A: So do I. I’m from the Netherlands, and for my past 20 years online I purchased most of my domains for example at TransIP (largest Dutch registrar). How does it compare to TransIP? DCC wins, but not by much. 55ct cheaper per .com , $1.50 per .net … and the more exotic extensions the savings increase fast. But I could easily save and earn money that way with a yearly clubmembership.  Especially cause a particular .club extension domain I was about to register costs $17 at Transip and $8 at DCC.

Q: “Not as competitive as NameCheap for .club!”
A: Maybe not (a few cts more expensive), but it wasn’t until I started writing this article that I ever heard about NameCheap. And even at NameCheap you pay $11 again for .com domain. DCC wins.

Q: “So you’re saying that — for example — .com’s cost $8 at DCC? But …”
A: I have an idea what you’re going to ask or thinking. You found a .com domain for $1? That’s usually only the first year, for just 1 domain. Don’t get me wrong, I use those services too every once in a while. But for my serious projects I like having everything in 1 place. And DCC beats the competition hands down!

Q: “What about country specific TLDs? Like .NL?”
A: emailed support, and this is their answer: “Currently, DCC is focusing on making available the new and upcoming gTLDs. We may consider offering ccTLDs in the future, but at this time, we do not have any estimates as to when this may happen.” Not a big a deal, country specific domains are always cheapest at your / a national registrar. So in my case I keep on using TransIP. Which isn’t the cheapest, but has great payment terms and easiest control panel.

Q: “What about extra services like SSL certificates?”
A:  No only domains at the moment. Bare in mind DCC just launched in September 2014. And such a short time already gathered 1000s of new members, and the bigger the club? The bigger it’s benefits. Maybe in the future? But always purchase my SSL certificates somewhere else anyway.

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Q: “Can I use DCC for ‘domain flipping’ / pro reselling? Any transfer costs?”
A: YES, buy at low at wholesale and sell to the highest bidder! Including account locking (like most registrars have) but with no additional fees!

Q: “What about forwarding or frame forwarding?”
A: Great question … emailed support again for that  too. I was determined to punch holes in the DCC gig :), but there ain’t that many! Cause forwarding is supported too without additional charge or complicated setups. See for yourself:


And then my eye caught “DCC’s recommended Hosts”and I also saw “Hosting” under Domains menu at the left and for a brief moment my worst fear is they would be promoting GDI as there preferred partner. But guess what? And what have I fallen in love with recently?  Exactly! DCC endorses DigitalOcean!  How’s that for perfect timing??

Lock-in your position in the network

But … had some more specific questions with regards to membership levels.

Q&A about What membership level suits you?

Q: “What are the differences between club member and charter membership if discounts are the same?”
A: See DCC website. But the biggest aha-moment I got was during writing this article! Charter membership is not per year, but lifetime membership. And you know how clubs like these work right? The bigger the club, the lower the prices, the higher the savings. If you plan to be around or have been around as long as I have? Get the charter membership. Seems steep but is easily earned back because of the other features and referring program.

Q: “Can I upgrade from club to charter member later?”
A: great question! Was one of mine as well. answer from support: “We don’t currently offer the ability to upgrade a Club Membership to Charter Membership. We may offer this in the future, but at the same time we do not plan to always offer Charter Membership option.” It’s January, 3 months after launch. Those charter memberships won’t be for around much longer I reckon. Then again I don’t know. But from every angle it’s quite amazing!

Q: “I understand that I get $20 (+$180 for charter) per sale on my first level. But it’s a 4×7 matrix. How much do I get at the other levels?”
A: $5 per member — if I understood correctly — residual (per  year) also applies towards spillover. More details here @ DCC.

Q: “So it’s not per month, but per year? Hmm …”
A: yeah it’s not going to be the most profitable business ever, but then again as the benefits from the memberships sell themselves? It’s must have for those who purchase like 10 domains per year. Tell a few friends about it, and you basically purchase your domains for the rest of year for free (from profits as an affiliate). And from there on? You can make a substantial amount of money by referring new clubmembers:


note: It’s an example. You can earn less or you can earn more from the OPTIONAL referring program, but you will always safe money by purchasing domains at-cost!

Q: “How can I join? Is this creditcard-only deal (again)?”
A: Nope! And this is very special. GDI a decade ago, was the ONLY mlm approved for PayPal. So we get the same courtesy for DCC.

Q: “What about commission payouts? ewallet I reckon?”
A: Actually no! And that’s quite refreshing! Instead:


So no ewallet overhead! Just straight up simple!

Q: “What are the other payout options and fees?”


Time to sign up! But with whom?

… cause the person who exposed me to DCC, wasn’t helpful at all. And when googling I found about some teambuilds on forums, but they were as clueless too.

Did you get value from my review?

Join Rhyker in DCC

Cause whomever you join as a member? Gets paid $20 (+$180 in case of  lifetime membership) in commission. I’m not here to only take your money, but actually help you as this entire review hopefully has proven. Have any left over questions? Please contact me if you like — preferably with the black button top right and fill in the contact form, as I’m not always online at the popular social media — I’m here to help.

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Plus if you’re interested in building the business aspect of it?

Meet my/your upline

  • Deb Mandel Lane (my sponsor) from the USA. She’s an Internet Marketing veteran! One of the few women whom I know that knows her ‘tech stuff’ — checkout — and is she’s also just superfun to hangout & talk with. We never met in real life, but we know each through previous ventures online. Just to give you a headsup how clued on Deb is? She was also the one who referred me to VooPlayer. Something I purchased in 2013 and still use today.
  • Her sponsor is Tissa Godavitarne. Myeah, we’ve got some history together as I used to be on his frontline in a different deal for 18 months. Tissa’s true intentions aren’t always clear — as you can read on my blog here — but he does build huge teams, and with DCC’s 4×7 Matrix in place? More overspill in both (yours & mine) our downlines. ;)
  • And finally his sponsor is Tim Sebert. Tim is pretty much the Master Distributor of DCC. So whenever you read somewhere: “I’m in Tim’s downline” … great! We all are :-p

A common misconception with matrix based compensation plans is: if you’re closer to to the top — Tim in this case — that you will get more overspill? That statement is false! The more people networkers there are between the top position and you? The more likely you will receive overspill into your team and thus more income. Tissa, Deb and I are seasoned internet marketers and networkers. We know how to build teams by keeping it real to people; leading with product value and being a happy customer comes first.  Teamspirit and culture comes after being happy. And the money will never stop flowing after. And yes we also provide all kind of downline builders and what not, but that’s only for active networkers. Passive income goes to active networkers, not passive people me? I’m a Product and Affiliate Ambassador. I share from the heart, cause I know for a fact that you are going to save a lot of money, time, and overhead with DCC. Hence I have no problem whatsoever to sign up an army of people on my own. If you have a sense of timing? You might want to register as a paid member to lock in your spot in the matrix. No pressure! I just enjoy helping people.

Still have doubts?

Can’t imagine why But found a cool webinar with the founder/CEO of DCC (and GDI): Alan Ezeir:

Alan is a true testament of a professional business man who puts value before pricing/costs.

P.S. You see that logo? I thought that was a GDI domain name for iPAS (an internet marketing education program), but instead it’s neatly designed salesfunnel for internetmarketing promoting: iProfit, GDI and it’s the free system. Again … GDI, that’s old skool … DCC + DigitalOcean — or any hosting alternative; hostgator, etc. — is a far more powerful solution. And the factual info about GDI is dated too; as GDI lost their monopoly on .ws in while ago. Join our team for nicer days.

And just focus on all your personal DCC link: really contains everything. Hope to welcome you on board, saving you a ton of money. Leave a comment if you liked this review, cause I just registered my first domainnames and 1 has everything to do with 2 goals I just realised as described in this article. Taking care of my team and customers always! 


For the past 48 hours been in very close contact with DCC support with regards to fixing a few bugs and requesting/adding features. And the best? Is getting better! Can’t share too much, but  this company knows their stuff very well, super professional support who listen’s to tips and I’m just ecstatic about how much money I’ve already saved! (more than a charter membership costs) … and no by no means affiliated as an outsourcer or anything. Just super happy customer and independent affiliate. Hence a disclaimer; any opinions expressed in this article are solely my own.

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