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HP EliteBook Hackintosh 10.13 (MacOS High Sierra): APFS to (JHFS+) SSD RAID0 Best Practices + The Solution ?

Has it already been 72+ hours ago that I posted this a picture on my FB timeline about a mysterious blue envelop? So … what have I been doing all the time, enjoy its contents?

Thus lets start with answering that

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What exactly was in the envelope? And why I overpaid for it?!

As I’m well aware it can be held through ebay for at least 50% cheaper.


Costs: $30 incl. shipping

that I paid $30 incl. shipping for. And probably could have purchased.

Seems so so what have I been doing all this time?! Well not working. Trying to not get overly

HP EliteBook with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra @ APFS

I didn’t get the memo, nor watched any Keynotes speeches on a new filesystem. Thus didn’t even know until a week ago (when prepping for this migration) that I had Apple’s newest file system running at my beloved Hackintosh. But cause I was all psyched up with a further speed increase of 50-100% with my budget hardware.

HP EliteBook (2570P) Hardware Overview

Brand: Hewlett Packard (HP)
Model: EliteBook 2570P 12.5″ Ultraportable
First announced: May 2012
Chipset: 4th Generation Mobile Intel Ivy Bridge (QM77)
CPU*: upto Intel Core i7-3540M
RAM: upto 16GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM
GPU: Intel HD4000 (max. resolution 2560x1440pixels)
Physical: 27 x 305 x 299 mm @ 1.63KG

*) that’s what the official spec sheet mentions. The chipset supports upto upto Intel Core i7-3840QM (clue). However that does entail voltage / bus speed modding to cope with the TDP / power. So

My specific Hackintosh configuration

Ordered mine second hand (instead of reburhished at 1st Chrismas day 2017)

  • CPU: i5-3320M 2.5GHz (3.5Ghz maximum)
  • RAM: 2×4=8GB RAM
  • HDD: Seagate Momentus 500GB 5400rpm SATA harddisk

January 2017: HP 2570P upgrades

Replaced the HDD with a Samsung EVO 850-series SATA3 SSD of 500GB. Why not a newer a SSD with a newer mSATA, M.2 or PCI-e nvme interface? Because this is a laptop from 2012. Price paid (for a brand new one):  @

February 2017: HP 2570P upgrades

The HSDPA showed up under network properties, however the Intel ‘Centrino’ didn’t.


To answer the question

What was in the blue envelope?

HP EliteBook 2570P compatible HDD Caddy

A HDD ‘caddy’ which fits in the space that’s left-over after sliding out the DVD-/+RW ODD (Optical Disk Drive). And put a 2nd Samsung EVO 850-series 500GB SATA3 SSD in. Which opens up the potential for RAID0.

The reason thats exciting is .. that you might remember I had the 3rd generation predecessor of the HP 2570P in 2016: HP 2560P. The perfect laptop from every angle, except max. 802.11n 150Mbit WiFi (due to HP whitelock BIOS).

Windows RAID0 Setup

BIOS preparation

  1. Power on the computer
  2. Press ‘ESC’-key for boot menu
  3. Press ‘F10’-key to enter BIOS
  4. Navigate to System Conguration menu
  5. Device setup; chang
  6. Check the “CTRL-I” below it.

That right there was my first problem. As I could select RAID instead of AHCI, but didn’t see the “CTRL-I” checkbox below it. Not even after a reboot. Solution: go to System Configuration -> “Set security level”. And just make everything viewable. Then it will show.

MacOS High Sierra / Hackintosh Setup

Prerequisites: > 8GB USB pendrive with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra install (with Clover)
Time required: a lot … if you have trouble following instructions

APFS or … not?

RAID0 setup

From terminal execute:

diskutil appleRAID APFS disk0 disk1


Using Carbon Copy Cloner

Install from Scratch?

APFS Troubleshooting

APFS error: 108

APFS error: cannnot create

APFS error:


JHFS+ (Journaled HFS) RAID0 setup

Although this was substantially easier, it still took me 3 full blown migrations (and even more installations) before I had figured this one out. And it all clicked for me when I saw this 16-minute video.


A working MacOS through eSATA / USB connected HDD / SSD. And Clover Configurator.

RAID0 HFS setup

Didn’t even know it was possible through DiskUtility’s RAID assistant.

  1. Search for  “Disk Utility” in Spotlight and run it.

Copy APFS contents to RAID0 HFS

Yes, this is actually possible all thanks to ‘CCC’.

Copy & customize EFI

diskutil list

Pay close attention to it’s output! Mine might not be the same as yours!


diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1

diskutil mount /dev/disk1s2

(Best Practices) Appendix

Through literally 36+ hours of Googling for answers, I’ve come accross quite some useful resources, that I will include below to use at your own disgression.

APFS versus Journaled HFS+

HP EliteBook installation Instructions

Clover Tips & Tricks

Relevant Hackintosh troubleshoots

  • HP EliteBook 2560P 10.11.4 with Clover: ODD + HDMI not working @

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