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What is the best global travel community for 2022 ?

For the past two months — due to sudden non-covid health concerns of my own — I’ve been rekindled to the idea of travelling bucket list items.

Therefore also bringing back the domain. A shelved project.

And will be using this blogpost to do some research for it.

Why join a Travel MLM?

MLM is a social selling business model. Traveling is a social type of event. Travelling alone is scary to some people, including myself, hence the thought of group travel takes away the anxiety issues.

In order I researched them

  • TRVL. Prelaunch: January 2022
    Update 4th of June: merge with DreamTrips
  • inCruises
  • DreamTrips International
    Official launchdate: 18th of July 2022

Update June 2022: Digital Nomad lifestyle clubs

To put MLM travel clubs in perspective (price wise). Have a look at:

  • Hacker Paradise
  • Outsite
  • WiFi Tribe

Thus they are not just travel, also work. And typically longer stays. More expensive too, but with distinct benefits.

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