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My Dutch / NL WordPress Translation contributions: March 2022

No lengthly introductions to this post this month. However just in case you like to know why I (keep) doing translations? Checkout my reasoning of February 2022 and/or

Translated Plugins

Divided into several categories

Pagebuilder plugins NL

Elementor Website Builder


WooCommerce plugins NL

WooCommerce Product Tabs

WooCommerce Product Table Lite


Crypto plugins NL

Cryptoniq – Cryptocurrency Decentralized Payment Gateway


Calendar / Communication / Community plugins NL

AnsPress – Question and answer

Basic User Avatars

WP User Avatars


Tawk.To Live Chat

Paid Memberships Pro – Mailchimp Add On


Youtube & Videoplayer plugins NL

YourChannel: Everything you want in a YouTube plugin.


Other / unsorted plugins now in NL

Rating-Widget: Star Review System

Mobile Detect

Instant Images – One Click Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels Uploads

Page Links To : the only free Image Optimizer & compress plugin

WP FullText Search – The Power of Indexed Search

White Label CMS

WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version

Reading progressbar

Social Chat



Translated Themes

Moved to

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