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‘IC OverDrive’ Plugin Changelog

Introduction what ‘IC OverDrive’ is about …


I’ve been connecting / interfacing systems for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t unti 1st week of February 2016 when — after many years of interfacing with WordPress database directly — decided to start developing …

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My 1st WordPress Plugin!


Frequently Asked Questions about ‘IC OverDrive’

Q: For Whom is this plugin intended?

It's for those people who use IChosting to setup their WordPress website, to build fully replicable / duplicable teamsite(s) of their own; thus TEAMLEADERS ONLY.

Q: What does it do?

Being able to personalise every link on their WP website / blog with some one's IC username. But overtime it has grown to do so SO much more! Let's first cover the basics though ...

Q: How Does IT Work?

Once installed? Mega simple!  Everybody that feels like leveraging on your content (training, tutorials, etc.) can just add/append:


to any link ... and that's it indeed! No registration hassle for users or setup membership site plugins for admins (although it works in collabaration with them if you have any).

Q: What does IT do?

And by using so called 'Wordpress shortcodes' you can then make any button on your site go their a particular preselected set of IC registration links; our own custom created funnels, IC registration links, etc. So you can match content to the links.

Q: What are (the) shortcodes?

Shortcodes are easy to understand snippets between brackets that require zero technical knowhow to unlock very advanced wordpress features, in this case 'IC OverDrive' plugin functionality.

It works on all content in every post / page, and every theme and/or in collaboration with any wordpress plugin. You can use it an article, a tutorial, create your own salespage, any way you see fit.

"image" you can just add-in through WordPress editor (media manager = "add media"-button). Or replace it with a piece of text like "join me", "click here to join", etc. Sim-ple. For a full list of shortcodes see towards the bottom of this post.

Q: How to install this WordPress plugin?

Well that's 1 of the beauties of IC. They provide all the training to do such things! But Google / YouTube does miracles too.

Q: Where can I find the plugin zip file?

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Uploading ... well it's really small (less than 50KB) But like to toss out a couple of things that are far from ready. Hence why this is version 0.1 ... hadn't had time yet to implement everything it's going to have; it even doesn't have an update feature yet, nor central maintenance source. But it's cool to start working with already.

Hmm no let's do it differently. It's only for leaders who own the $1500 board. So just added it into . As one of the hidden easter eggs is ...

Q: What happens when 'ic=blabla' or used none at all?

At the moment only IC members in our teams can use it. Your leader who builds the site needs to own the $1500 board. But any leader in our / your team can use it for free, based on your own requirements you set per level. CCM main website will feature a working prototype of that soon based on ... but what happens somebody outside our team tries to use to the site? Impossible cause what you don't see, is how the plugin also interfaces with my sponsor's IC backoffice. Our own API!

As the biggest challenge in IC, is not building the biz; that’s just a matter of keeping things super simple (KISS) and doing what your sponsor tells you to do, or if you have prior experience in the industry; do what works. And in all cases -- even those I didn't mention -- means to follow IC's 30-day blueprint.

Anyway the biggest challenge in IC is understanding everything you have at your disposal. Some people like to use 1, a couple of products, or perhaps even all of them. Other members just like to build the biz and make money, but have people in their downlines who like to use products. And although IC's training, manual and docs are okay. Some of them are a little out of date. The good news: we have all the tutorials you can possibly wish for build by & for team members; video training, pictorials, PDF manuals. But even on the old teamsite, it was quite the challenge to properly 'dose' that information. As some training only applies to those who own higher boards.

Same goes towards team incentives and bonuses. You might have seen a couple being mentioned here in the group, but we have sooooooo much more at your disposal. Like premium wordpress plugins (that you can get for free) that combined with IC products, really can build ANY business a LOT faster. But as some of us paid top dollar for those tools and/or training; we only want to make them available to people who own certain boards; who are committed to their own success. You take 1 step, we take 2. But how? Logging into our backends every day? Go over all the levels, see who has what? pfffff. Or have people in the downline claim their own incentives? Hmm hmmm inefficiently; me not likey that. So the solution is an API.

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Q: What is an API?

Well it doesn't matter what it is or what it does specifically. As you don’t have to understand a V8 engine to be able to drive a car that has such engine. And in this case your teamleaders are driving the car; so you only have to take the backseat and enjoy the ride!


But our API is basically a blackbox system that’s put between CCM and IC, that’s able to retrieve information from my sponsor's team (which we are all in); info like which boards someone has, if their active/inactive, if they have smartorder enabled. All the things anyone of us can see for our downlines. With a difference it’s real-time, and entirely automated (or will be). And based on that information we can create a whole bunch of interesting things, like set requirements for incentives / tutorials, or launch our own contests based on who enrolled the most members, or automate the rotator that a lot of you aren’t even aware about that we have. ;) Automation is the keyword here!

Other reasons why this is EPIC, is we or you, no longer we have to chase or motivate people to upgrade. Or explain why someone should skip a board. Or why start a higher board, or … the possibilities are limitless. So is the complexity in building it ;) but made some tremendous progress. And the only thing somebody has to do to experience it’s power? Is enter their username into a textbox on our new 'IC overdrive' powered websites that are currently undergoing some interesting challenges :) to see what I just mentioned. Without logins, without additional passwords, just … keeping it stupid simple, and yet provide a wealth of new possibilities to make you a lot more money a lot faster.

Don't own a particular board of combination of boards? You won't get access to certain information you can hide/unhide with other future shortcodes. Or in case of an username not in our downline? It forward to our team rotator. How do you qualify for the team rotator? Ask your teamleader! And in the future this plugin will have an option you can configure from your own wordpress backend to default to the one you configure, so without any id it will default to the site owners IC username ... or your own mini rotator for your team.



note: all new features will be described later on! Focus currently is on running these from 'enabled sites'.

  • Last week of March: added so much that easier to just see the full list of shortcodes below. And the best is yet to come, as this proprietary coded plugin based on 2x2 matrix + more ... is the perfect add-on to IC's 1x2 marketing suite.
  • 09Mar16: added a couple (undocumented) new signups shortcodes, a diversity of new social sharecodes and experimental real-time site thumbnail function. And boosted version to v0.6
  • 29Feb16: added new , , non-nested if/then/else shortcodes, board&club detection (aka incentivize content), API search usernames, API time delayed db_sync, change from ?id=username to ?ic=username, and boosted version to v0.5
  • 28Feb16: added new ,    shortcodes
  • 21Feb16: added half a dozen new signup link shortcodes (see higher in doc)
  • 20Feb16: initial 0.1 release with ?id=icusername core functionality
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Sorry ... 'leaders only' content!

Upcoming features / Roadmap

Prioritized from high to low:

  1. connect API to IC_overdrive
  2. WordPress Plugin update feature
  3. API: 'blocked bug'
  4. API: 'expiredate bug'
  5. API: file encryption
  6. icoverdrive IC hosted WP IP limitation
  7. shortcode: detect date
  8. shortcode:
  9. ability to syndicate RSS feeds with your referral link (which is great for sharing posts on FB and other social media; gaining you and your team viral traction)
  10. embedcode for IC boostresponder form
  11. + personalize IC form with id (parameter based parsing)
  12. setup your own teamrotator (embed key functionality)

Sorry; this is admin only content!

... and adding more overtime

27th of February 2016


Full List of 'IC Overdrive' LITE Shortcodes

Sorted by library / functionality. Update 15May16: the codes below only feature the shortcodes from the "LITE" version which we just made public for everybody in our team. You can download the plugin from our team FaceBook coaching group under files. Not with our IC team yet? Click here to learn more and register.

IC signup links

Under construction!


  • ytid = ""
  • vidres = 315p, 329p, 360p, pb, 480p, 720p, 1080p
    • 315p: 560 x 315 pixels
    • 329p: 585 x 329 pixels (most common resolution for embedding in themes)
    • 360p: 640 x 480 pixels
    • pb: 100% x 416 pixels (options4all /
    • 480p: 853 x 480 pixels
    • 720p: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • rel = 0, 1 (default: 0)
  • showinfo = 0, 1 (default: 0)
  • autoplay = 0, 1 (default: 0)
  • align = "center" (default: center)


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