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1×2 marketing funnel (autoresponder basics & work arounds)

Workaround scenario #3 here’s why it’s great how 1x2marketingfunnel (and all IC products like dexwebinar too) support other autoresponders. As the more mature solutions have these features built-in. Some of you already got those anyway. But if you don’t ? Then additional costs are involved (although usually the first month is for free and thereafter […]

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‘IC OverDrive’ Plugin Changelog

Introduction what ‘IC OverDrive’ is about … I’ve been connecting / interfacing systems for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t unti 1st week of February 2016 when — after many years of interfacing with WordPress database directly — decided to start developing … My 1st WordPress Plugin!   Frequently Asked Questions about […]

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5 Most Popular IC signup links

There are a couple of ways you can register people into IC. And you can find most links by … Help people start at a specific board Why you would like to do that? Not only because of what I explained in this 13minute video:   … but also because of strategic cycling boards. Ask your […]

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My MAPS team updates and Quick FAQ: January 2015

Hi there! there’s a high probability that if you’re reading this right now? That you’re on my team already cause I sent this out in a newsletter. And you received that email cause I’m the guy who referred you through My Advertising PayS (in short: MAPS). However if you are brand new to all of this? […]

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[NL] Heb jij al een Plan B naast je Plan A?

Heb jij al een Plan B naast je Plan A? Ik dus wel. Ook C t/m Z trouwens.   Nu is “Ons Plan B” — niet te verwarren met die scam/onzin uit België genaamd PlanB4you; zie scam alert op– al jaren een geregistreerde naam bij de KVK onder registratie: 50401297. En betreft een coachingstraject. Want […]

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